3 Playlists To Help You Survive A Break Up

Break ups suck. The silver lining to it is that there is an infinite number of breakup songs to help get you through it. 

Start with the sad songs and cry your eyes out, find relief through your headphones, and finally all the “I’m so much better without you” jams. 

"We were. And then we weren’t." from Ruthann_v on 8tracks Radio.

numb. from carliemartella on 8tracks Radio.

Leaving You from taryn3coleman on 8tracks Radio.

8 songs, 30 minutes. You can handle that, right?

1. Grab the Apptui 8tracks remote from www.apptui.com.
2. Press play.
3. Step away from the computer and don’t come back until it’s over.
4. Repeat if necessary.

Apptui is an app that let’s you control your computer with your phone. So when you get up to leave your laptop, grab your phone (or tablet) and use Apptui to control your 8tracks playlist, YouTube video or movie on Netflix. You can also do a lot more

Listen to “STUDY BREAK" by apptui.

3 Playlists For When You’re Staring Out The Window And Being Sad

Life hits you with things sometimes. Things that are best coped with by being sad and looking out the window. You know that feeling you get when you see that you had sent several text messages the night before to the person you’ve had a massive crush on. It can be pretty brutal. 

With that in mind, we’ve selected 3 playlists for your inner emo kid. 

Take me anywhere but here from Jamieeexo on 8tracks Radio.

hideaway from sleeplxss on 8tracks Radio.

but that’s okay, we’re all a little broken. from corrxpted on 8tracks Radio.

3 Playlists For You To Zone Out To

Pro tip: background music makes it easier to zone out than complete silence. Also having headphones signals to those around you that you are busy, so it’s a win-win!

We’ve selected 3 playlists for you to play as you let you mind take a little break. 

zone out from lillapet on 8tracks Radio.

Rooftops from Hayden_Clay on 8tracks Radio.

Just Chill Out from yeongdo on 8tracks Radio.