saltystockings: Hey guys! If you have time, check out David Craft's new music video for his song "Smokey Lungs & Dirty Puns". Seriously beautiful!

Awesome thanks for the suggestion! 

neuksei: How can I get ppl to notice my mix's more??? help a sista out

Here are some ideas: 

  • sharing your playlist on your social channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, etc.)
  • participating in our Forums- you can chat with other 8tracks people and get feedback and/or suggestions
  • commenting and liking playlists by others 

Good luck! 

Get into the Halloween spirit with 8tracks!

BOO! (to be read with a Samuel L. Jackson tone). We’ve got spirit, how about you? 

We’re excited to announce our first themed-collection! Need more info? Click here to read up on what it’s all about. 

To kick it off, this month’s theme is, appropriately, Halloween (which just happens to be our personal favorite).

You’re all invited to the party, but to be sure that everyone plays nice, let us first lay out a few guidelines:
1. Create a new playlist featuring music that, in your opinion, truly
represents the theme
2. Publish your playlist by Monday, October 27th
3. Add the tag “Halloween" to the playlist and the “station” you choose
(*explanation below)
4. Share your playlist by replying to this forum topic no later than
12pm PST on Oct. 27th.

*To help make a “station,” we are providing some limited guideline tags that will enable us to include your playlist within the month’s theme. Think, good old-fashioned spooky Halloween playlists, or something that would be appropriate for parents and kids, or “krunk” (did I spell that right?) playlists for partying. Once you finish your playlist, make sure to tag it for the appropriate station.

For this month, here are the “stations” we’d like you to enter a playlist for (at least) one of these:
Tag: “Spooky”: a playlist that is perfect for a haunted house or creepy mood
Tag: “PG-13”: something your little brother or sister can listen to 
Tag: “Krunk”: does this even need an explanation?

Make sense? Good! Then, let’s get started! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We’re hoping for a big turnout, so PLEASE share this with everyone you know. Yes…everyone.