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3 Playlists To Remind You Why It’s Important To Travel

There are over 7 billion people living on Earth. That being said, the world is a big place, so why not take advantage of it and travel the world? 

Traveling will broaden your horizons and will expose you to new people, culture, and people. You won’t get this sort of exposure sitting at home watching Netflix despite all the travel documentaries available. 

Honestly, travel is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially for those at a young age. It encourages you to be accepting and understanding of others, as well as yourself. So get out there, use the time you have on Earth to evaluate yourself, your surrounds, and consider the many opportunities out there.  

The world is yours from presley is a penguin on 8tracks Radio.

The Mountains Are Calling from megan.ann14 on 8tracks Radio.

the whole wide world is whistling from whiteethteens on 8tracks Radio.

3 Playlists To Remind You Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Love

Love is unpredictable. You can’t pinpoint when it’s going to happen to you. It could happen tomorrow, next week, or in twenty years. But when it does, you don’t want to be that person who can’t receive it because you’ve closed the doors to your heart. 

Open your heart to love. Why? 

Because love- any kind of true love- will make you a better person. Because when you have love, everything is always more spectacular. Because love makes you believe that anything and everything is possible in the world. Because you can’t fully be open to life without being open to love. And because life is short, so don’t give up.

Love will happen to you, just don’t give up on it. In the meantime, we’ve selected 3 playlists to keep your heart open to love. 

Often it’s you. from It’sdan on 8tracks Radio.

Is This Love? from krix on 8tracks Radio.

Do I ever cross your mind? from Di´smusic on 8tracks Radio.